Hardware Donations

Hardware for the Internet Cafés

Alongside the donations of time, expertise, and money that we receive, we're often asked whether we accept hardware donations.

You supported Refugees Emancipation with over 270 desktop computers & monitors … WOW! Refugees Emancipation and us are absolutely amazed. We can’t say this often enough: Thank you so much! After your great support, the internet cafés sadly still lack the ‘little’ things.

Currently we're especially looking for: Headsets, tablets, chargers and smartphones

(not older than 5 years, without simlock or cracked displays and need to be GSM devices).

Small scratches or other cosmetic wear and tear is not a problem, as long as the devices are working as they should.

Issuing donation receipts takes quite a bit of processing effort. We kindly ask for your understanding that Refugees Emancipation only issues receipts for new hardware or comprehensive donations to keep the administrative expense at a minimum.

You can deliver your donations to one of the following collection points:

Refugees Emancipation e.V. - Büro

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Zum Jagenstein 1 | 14478 Potsdam
Opening hours:
12.00 - 5.00pm (please contact RE in advance by telephone)
+49 3312016927 or +49 3312015758

c-base e.V. - ceminarraum

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Rungestrasse 20 | 10179 Berlin
Location sketch: www.c-base.org/cv50f/core/impressum.html
Mail: TBA