Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not answered here, do not hesitate to contact us via email, Twitter, or Facebook.

Who are we?

We are a group of people from different organisations – such as the Förderverein freie Netzwerke, Chaos Computer Club e.V., Freifunk Berlin – and friends, that want to support Refugees Emancipation (RE).

For almost 15 years, RE has been engaged in giving refugee camps internet cafés. Beyond that, a curriculum has been developed to teach a working knowledge of computer usage.

We help RE with collecting resources to extend their project. In the first phase we campaign for donations to cover running costs. In addition to that, we coordinate hardware contributions and workshop offerings.

What are we doing?

We support Refugees Emancipation with organising a donation compaign, so they can work better – and for a long time – at their important project.

We help RE to continue being active and effective. That’s why we want to equip them with necessary resources to extend their work and scope of action, to develop the project further – also with regards to content.

Why are we doing this?

Asylum applicants find themselves in a precarious position — after they have fled from another precarious position. In Germany, they are often isolated and lack opportunities to participate in society. They are often subjected to numerous rules and sanctions in their housing, and on top of this, they are expected to understand complicated asylum procedures and manage bureaucratic hurdles, which are difficult even for people with proficiency in German.

With an Internet connection, people can not only keep in touch with their relatives and friends, but also communicate with the public, which often talks about refugees without talking with them. Refugees can also access information about their home countries, local laws, their rights, and translation aids.

Internet access, which many of us take for granted, is a privilege. This is unfortunate, and we believe that it should be a human right, and that it should be the State’s responsibility to guarantee it. Even for refugees.

What happens with the money?

Refugees Emancipation needs money for operating the internet cafés, its office, and transportation expenses both for teachers coming to the homes, and for the project expanding beyond Berlin-Brandenburg. In addition to that, information material is to be produced.

What is our goal, and how can I help?

At the moment: by spreading the word or donating yourself so our ongoing fundraising campaign will be successful.

I have an old computer / display / ... lying around here. Can you use that?

We gladly take hardware donations. What is needed, and where you can hand your hardware over can be found in hardware donations.